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The Year of You (Digital Workbook)

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The Year of You (Digital Workbook)

Hannah Braime
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Are you ready to go on a journey? The Year of You is an invitation to discover more about yourself, become more conscious about what you want, and create a rich and fulfilling life through one journaling prompt a day. With this book, you can take the guess work out of journaling and use one writing prompt each day of the year to explore and unpack the most important aspects of your life and your being.

This version of the book is a digital workbook, where you can either type your answers or write them using a tablet and stylus. 

Each month, you’ll focus on one important area of your life:

January: Identity

February: The Past

March: Environment

April: Fun

May: Career

June: Relationships

July: Growth

August: Money

September: Travel and Adventure

October: Health

November: Sprituality

December: The Future

You can start in January, June or November; simply turn to today’s date and start writing! Whether you're new to journaling or have enjoyed a reflective writing practice for some time, The Year of You offers a wealth of inspiration that will deepen your understanding and awareness of what makes you who you are.

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