Be Your Own Hero

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Be Your Own Hero

Hannah Braime
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Deepen your courage. Find your confidence. Be the creator of your own life.

Whether you’re the hero or the victim of your own life is up to you. This course will give you the tools to connect with your courage, live your values, be true to yourself, act with integrity, and do good deeds on your own terms.

Maybe you’re struggling to figure out how to separate out what you want from what the people around you want. Maybe you’re struggling to set healthy boundaries with other people. Maybe you have big dreams and visions, but you’re not sure how to go after them and still be a kind and caring person.

Using journaling exercises, meditation, practical tools and suggestions, and more, you’ll explore what it means to be “you” and how to live in a way that’s aligned with your values and true to yourself.

"When I started Be Your Own Hero, I was struggling with showing up authentically in my relationships and having trouble safeguarding my needs from my perception of other people’s expectations. As I worked with the ideas in the course, I found a greater sense of empowerment and comfort with myself in my life.

Thinking about my conditions of worth in particular was incredibly eye-opening. This course stretched, challenged and rewarded me in a lot of ways. I feel really good recommending this course to people — what a gift to be able to share!” 

— Emily

Be Your Own Hero is for you if…

  • You find yourself people-pleasing and putting others’ needs before your own and you’d like to feel confident in putting your needs first
  • You feel stretched between hundreds of different commitments, none of which you really feel like you chose yourself and you’d like more “me” time
  • You struggle to speak your truth and show up as your real self and you’re yearning to be more authentic in your relationships
  • You’re doubtful of your ability to be who you want to be and you’d like to feel courageous in your choices
  • You feel anxious about the idea of not meeting other people’s expectations and you’d like to feel more secure in your own skin

If any of the above statements resonate for you, I understand and I’ve been where you are. In the past, I’ve compromised my integrity and values to keep other people happy, I’ve put other people’s needs first, and I’ve learned the hard way that doing so never turns out well.

It took me years to reach a place where I felt comfortable saying “no”, felt confident in setting my boundaries with people, and learned how to prioritise my needs and speak my truth, while still honouring my responsibilities and showing up with kindness. Doing this has allowed me to create a business based on what I’m passionate about, create a beautiful relationship with my husband, and design my life so that I’m able to travel permanently.

Be Your Own Hero condenses those lessons it took me years to learn into a self-paced course.

We’re going to explore questions like “What makes you you?” and “How can I live life in a way that’s true to myself and still be a kind and caring person?” I’ll share practical tools and suggestions you can use to cultivate deeper self-acceptance, learn to recognise when you’re people-pleasing and stay true to yourself, question your beliefs so you can make decisions based on your authentic self, connect with your inner mentor, and more. In addition, you’ll also get a framework for saying “no” in a way that is compassionate and positive, a guide to making requests, and a special tool for turning comparison into joy.

What’s included:

  • An interactive workbook with 100+ pages, packed with perspective shifting-ideas and powerful questions that will change the way you see yourself and your relationships
  • 5 modules covering what it means to become your own hero, how to deepen your self-acceptance, how to expand your courage, and how to continue your hero’s journey
  • Meditations that will deepen your self-connection and self-awareness
  • 3 months of email prompts and weekly check-ins so you can continue your progress and explore what it means to live with greater authenticity and courage
  • A set of practical tools you can add to your emotional toolbox and start using today to shift from people-pleaser to superhero

And much more.

"I've recently finished your course, Be Your Own Hero, and I just would like to tell you how much I liked it. It took me about half a year to work through it (1-2 hours per week) but it was actually more helpful than just reading a book about self-acceptance or self-esteem.

I found the exercise about people-pleasing really useful - I still collect examples of people-pleasing over the week and evaluate them at the weekend. But maybe the most important thing was realizing why these patterns appear in the first place - for example, conditional love in family, and so on.

I think this course really covered the essentials and I will recommend it to my friends. :-) Thank you for it!" 


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You'll get the 100+ page ebook, plus the additional MP3s and templates.


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